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Wooden Pinocchio, gifts, toys, souvenirs, household items in wood

The C2 di Rainoldi company was founded in Ornavasso in 1981, following the old family tradition of woodworking and inspired by its founder Pierangelo Rainoldi.
Imagination was inspired by the spirit of craftsmanship combined with creativity, and the company had soon discovered its niche product: "PINOCCHIO", a wooden puppet completely hand-turned and finished by the expert hands of Rainoldi artisans. The wooden Pinocchio by Rainoldi C2 is the original puppet from the story by Collodi.

Wooden Pinocchio


Wooden Pinocchio in various sizes. Completely hand-turned and finished in the traditional way and exported worldwide.

Wooden articles


Wooden articles, toys, ornaments, keyrings and various gadgets inspired by the Wooden Pinocchio : there are lots of products in our catalogue .

New products

New Products

Our range is updated every year. Our craftsmen have infinite imagination and are always coming up with new and original ideas.

Household items in wood


Household items, wooden spoons, chopping boards, napkin rings and much more.

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